My Creed

pergamena-i-10-comandamenti-853x1024I assert that God – the creator of everything, the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present, with an independent superior will, and always in command – unconditionally loves me and is the only one that deserves my worship.

I’m gratefully aware that I’ve been wonderfully and uniquely made. God created me this way because He wanted to. He meticulously planned my life here on earth long before I was born.

I have been fashioned and sent to this world for a special purpose that involves improving lives in a unique way. Since I matter to Him that much God will surely perfect His purpose in me.

I’m aware that part of this purpose – that is best and fully known by God alone – will demand my wilful participation to be fulfilled. In due course God will communicate His instructions to me and release the resources needed to execute them. My duty therefore is to always stay tuned to His voice and graciously yield.

I also know that God reserves the right to execute His plan in the manner that pleases Him. This means part of God’s purpose will be fulfilled in a way that defies my understanding, anticipation or preference. Since God is powerful, just and loving any circumstance He allows in my life is profitable to Him, to me and to others.

After my life purpose on earth has been fully served  I will go home to our Heavenly Father to start a new life in eternity.

Until then,  I’m going nowhere. Nothing in heaven, nothing on earth or in hell; nothing in the past, present or in the future is strong enough to abort or alter God’s plan of love for my life.

Hence, I will be at peace always. Yes, even in my pain, even during my darkest hour I’ll rejoice and praise God  because He is ertenally good…!


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