School of Excellence and Enterprise Development (SEED) exists to  train and support a new generation of Christian  Social Business Leaders.

Our mission is to help Christians  to deploy their faith, values and influence to bring a positive social-economic change in the community.


1.  Life Purpose

We believe every one of us was perfectly created and equipped with natural talents for a specific purpose here on earth; purpose that serves needs and improves lives of others. For this reason, we strongly believe that to discover our perfect life purpose and excel at it is an ultimate measure of our obedience to God our creator. This is the trendsetter’s nature

2. Excellent Service

We believe that the quality of life on earth is directly proportional to the quality of service one gives to others. To enjoy great prosperity we must work hard to solve social problems, meet needs and provide best possible service to others especially the weakest among us. We also believe that top quality service demands empathy, integrity, commitment, diligence, and sacrifice. This is the Trendsetter’s character.

3. Spiritual Development

We believe that it is impossible to uphold the above values without the help of the Holy Spirit. To discover our divine purpose we need the help of the Holy Spirit. To develop the Trendsetter’s character we need spiritual strength. This is because character is spiritual in nature and is, as the bible says, the product of the Holy Spirit. So to discover divine purpose and draw spiritual power we must maintain constant intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit through worship, prayer and acting on the Word of God. This is the Trendsetter’s lifestyle


Action learning groups

Action learning groups form a core part of the SEED’s learning program. With a trained facilitator, students will work in a small group throughout the year to find useful and impactful ways of overcoming the stumbling blocks, dilemmas and other issues that can beset any project. Fellows of the School often continue to work in their Action Learning Groups long after they complete the SEED program because they find the trust and wisdom that the Group builds to be of lasting value.

Witness Sessions

Students will have the opportunity to listen, learn, question and network with social entrepreneurs, real practitioners who share their experience and offer expertise and advice. We call these people witnesses because they give evidence for you to examine – to find the meaning you need for your own venture. They do not lecture, but discuss the secrets of their difficulties as well as their successes; engage in debate as well as answer students’ questions. Witnesses are selected to meet the priorities that students themselves identify and are drawn from fields that are directly relevant to yours.

Expert Sessions

While we pride ourselves on offering a flexible program that responds to student needs, we do recognize that there are some areas of knowledge where students need definitive guidance. Through questioning, observing and listening to experts, students will improve their abilities in such areas as legal structures, financial management, business planning, securing funding, marketing, partnering and other essential skills. The insights students gain will help them to develop solutions that will work for them.

‘Show-How’ Project Visits

Students will also have the chance to investigate a range of established projects first-hand as they visit organizations who have made the journey you are now on and who are prepared to share their experiences. Project visits give students the opportunity to view successful social entrepreneurs in their environment, giving insights into how they work and thrive. Each visit brings a different viewpoint, new knowledge, and a potential source of inspiration.

Mentorship / Apprenticeship

Mentors are an optional element of the program – used to provide additional guidance and strategic help where SEED deems appropriate. The relationship with a mentor is confidential and managed by the student. In such cases, SEED will help you identify a mentor, then broker and establish a meaningful and useful relationship with them. These relationships often last beyond the SEED

Other Support

Throughout the duration of the course, the SEED team will be on hand to offer advice and guidance, coaching, information, support and contacts when they need it. Students will be able to telephone the office or drop in during working hours for help on a variety of topics, and to access resources including a library, workstations and meeting rooms.

An electronic networking and information system, the SEED Learning Web will be created as an online resource for the SEED students and fellowship members. Students will have the opportunity to create a homepage, profile and blog, to email their fellow students, to access useful materials, and to tap into the experience and resources of the ever-expanding SEED Fellowship.

The SEED will also broker in specific pro-bono opportunities where appropriate, including legal support, corporate strategic thinking days, and focused brand development.

The Fellowship Network

Students who complete the SEED program will gain lifelong membership of the SEED Fellowship namely the Trendsetters. The Fellowship works like a club, with members continuing to swap views and experiences and to trade and collaborate. E-bulletins bring news and links to other organizations and the learning web enables them to contact each other easily and keep in touch. Other Fellowship benefits are being developed all the time as the network grows.

International Student Exchange

At some stage during the yearlong program we intend , if neccessary, students to have an opportunity to have a first-hand hands-on international experience abroad. The experience is aimed at giving students valuable international exposure to their specific target markets.

Qualifications Need


The SEED does not require applicants to have any specific (paper) qualifications. We ask only that applicants are enthusiastic, determined and committed – driven by their cause or project as much as driving it! In recruitment, we are seeking those with entrepreneurial characteristics and mindset, who are committed to a social mission, and who understand the community they are aiming to serve.

Costs And Funding

The SEED seeks to ensure that fees present no barrier to participation and works to involve disadvantaged people in its learning program. Most programs will be funded by grants or bursaries, or students will be helped to generate sufficient income to meet their expenses and to contribute to the cost of the program. 

How To Apply

Application will be made by telephone for an initial consultation. After the initial consultation applicants will be required to complete an application form. Upon receiving a completed application, an in-depth interview will then be arranged before an applicant is offered a place.

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